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Here is more about Primal Loop.

Primal Loop was founded by Gunther Chanange, who brings over 15+ years of design experience working in products, packaging, healthcare, systems and digital applications for enterprise clients, many featured in Bloomberg, Business Insider, and Forbes.

Gunther was also part of creating award-winning products for startups, helping companies secure additional funding and become acquired by larger enterprises.

His involvement with the enterprise sector has placed him in positions to lead innovation labs to explore emerging technologies with the purpose of creating exponential value for organizations.

Primal Loop lives for exploring untapped opportunities in complex industries where innovation can literally change people's lives.

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Gunther and the team don't jump with you into a new project as a client and agency; you're one team. Ready to start working with Primal Loop? call (646) 854-PRML today or email


147 Prince Street
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(646) 854-PRML