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Experience Design

Good product decisions start with defining what type of product to build and why. Overall, it is about designing experiences, not just products. We need a clear and empathic understanding of what's happening today before we can start designing for tomorrow. What are the emotions we can amplify and the connections we can make that will cause people to do something they've hesitated to do in the past? The answers to these questions will help improve the overall user experience. This is the foundation for designing the right experience and making sure that we’re solving the right challenge.

What we do:

  • Brand ideation worksessions

  • Product concepting and positioning

  • Design and user research

  • Experience journeys

  • Category and cultural landscape audits

Brand + Product Positioning

We believe unequivocally in the significance of having a clear and focused offering. Our collaborative process of partnering brand marketers with product designers ensures that the brand message and product offering are always strategically course aligned.  We prioritize communicating the product’s core offering, key benefits and positioning through the brand message by conducting co-led ideation work sessions and building brand frameworks optimized for design thinking and product development.

Gunther put in the work and made it magic! Thanks for all the hard work, thinking, patience and effort.
— SVP, Group Creative Director



User-Centered Frameworks


This is the stage we start generating product concepts and exploring possible opportunities and solutions. Now, we should be ready to ask the question – "what if?". The discovery process we have conducted should have defined the core product offering, along with insights and patterns that guide us to the optimal way to build the product.

What we do:

  • Feature roadmaps

  • Use cases

  • Themes, Epics, User stories

  • OKRs and KPIs

  • Research and Validation


We have now reached the final stage where the ideas generated in the first two design phases will now be transformed into small-scale prototypes. These ideas must hit the sweet spot of solving the customer's problem in a simple and elegant way. But they should also offer an attractive profit potential. During this entire process, Primal Loop works with your team across departments to test, collect feedback from real customers, iterate and improve our solution. After the first iteration, we'll test the prototype with more customers and we'll repeat the process until we feel confident that it will be able to function at a bigger scale.

What we do:

  • Develop requirements and product documentation

  • Develop product release notes

  • Review test scenarios

  • Coordinate training

  • Wireframes

  • Prototypes

  • User testing

It was a pleasure working with Gunther and his team! Throughout the course of our engagement with Primal Loop, our team of developers followed the collaborative and agile process they put in place with constant communication and bi-weekly meetings to reach very good results at the end of the project.
— Alvaro Mucida, CEO of HomeMatcher

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