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Product design agency based in New York. Primal Loop teams up with Enterprise organizations to make better product decisions, faster.

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Primal Loop: Real Results

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Primal Loop helps you build the right product, faster.

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Primal Loop is a Product design agency based in New York. We love partnering with enterprises in complex and established industries. Our goal: To design simple solutions for big problems.

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Reduce your risk of product failure

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"If you’re searching for an improved product or trying to design a brand new one, this is the reality. The risk of building the wrong thing solution is quite high.

You see, people are impressed by complicated things. But actually, complication is the enemy. Because unfortunately, customers buy benefits, not features. So a lot of wasted time and money can go into a product that did not have a valid concept from the very beginning.

Our clients don't hire us for ""more of the same"". When you partner with Primal Loop, this is what you should expect. We start with a review of existing product outcomes. Then, we audit your current design strategies. And next, we design objectives and processes that will get you to the desired outcome.

So how exactly do we reduce your new product risk? By designing, testing and iterating with real customers, before committing to full-scale development."


Primal Loop is our go-to design agency. Even though we work with enterprise and energy markets, Gunther and his team always step-up, and deliver with simple solution to complex challenges. - Brian Fino, CEO at Therm

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Smart Energy Automation

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"Primal Loop’s Collaboration with Therm

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We love doing the work that no other agency wants to do...

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Let's face it. Most product design agencies out there have a dream client. A big brand like Nike or Disney fashion or consumer brand. And that's fine. We love them too. But you know what we love more? We love exploring untapped opportunities in complex industries full of inefficiencies where innovation can literally change people's lives. We love designing simple solutions to big, complex problems. That's what gets us out of bed in the morning.

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"Mobile Interface Designs for a Leading HR Management Solutions Provider

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Building a Better Dashboard

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"Primal Loop Design Strategy for a Leading Enterprise Imaging Solutions Provider.

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Turn your enterprise business into a revenue powerhouse of persuasion

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