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We help billion dollar companies innovate like a startup.


We help complex enterprises bring digital products to market, faster.


Our job is to figure out what people need.

Because building the wrong product is much riskier.

Designing new products is risky business, doing in it with new and emerging technology is even worse. In fact, for enterprises, it's a constant challenge. That's why when you hire Primal Loop we have one goal. Our goal is to push what is technologically feasible to the boundaries and reduce your risk of product failure.


We don't jump right to product design assuming we know what customers need. Instead, we find out what problems you can solve for the customer. We prototype and collect feedback on new product concepts. Then, we test their efficiency and iterate until we are sure the product fits their real needs.

This approach leaves the doors for product disruption wide open. And that's where Primal Loop can help you.


Are we the right agency for you?

We worked with the team at Primal Loop to build a user-driven product strategy from scratch. They were exactly the addition to the team that we needed: thoughtful, flexible and great listeners.
— Tatiana Figueiredo, Head of Product at Imperative

Tackle big risks early

Share your challenge with our team and we’ll work with you to get your strategy right from the get-go. Whether we're improving a product or designing a new one, we'll lower your risk exposure by testing and prototyping new product concepts early. And we'll also involve your team as part of our process, because there is no secret to our process.


It was a pleasure working with Gunther and his team! Throughout the course of our engagement with PrimalLoop, our team of developers followed the collaborative and agile process they put in place with constant communication and bi-weekly meetings to reach very good results at the end of the project.
— Alvaro Mucida, CEO of HomeMatcher

Use customer insights to make better product decisions

Good product decisions start with capturing the right customer insights. That's why we'll help you answer four questions — What is? What works? What doesn't? What if? — each representing a different stage of a design experience. This process will help us figure out what type of product to build and why. Because we're not just helping you design a product. We're also designing experiences with the goal of creating longer relationships with customers.


There are very few, if any people out there who have the foresight and expertise in bringing design and development together so seamlessly.
— Manisha Snoyer, Founder & CEO of CottageClass

Clients hire us to build the right product, faster

When companies grow they become less tolerant to risk. This isn’t always a bad thing, but it can slow down innovation and lead your business to stagnation. That's where we come in. When you partner with Primal Loop you're investing in things that enable you to move faster and leaner for the long term. By creating simple solutions, testing their efficiency, and iterating until they are right.



The right product, from the start.


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